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Cymbal boom stand

This boom stand features deeper teeth in the cymbal tilter gears. This, plus tension activated height adjustment at two points in the shaft, allow for slip-free positioning when you need it most.

£60.00    Euro | US Dollars

Snare Drum stand

This snare drum stand features a fully adjustable snare basket via our new Revolver tension mechanism.
Its firm clutch action is activated by a turning tight-grip nut, which assures easy, no slip hold without the extra effort.

£35.00  Euro | US Dollars

Straight Cymbal stand


The upgraded cymbal tilter on this cymbal stand features geared teeth that interlock to a deeper degree, which prevents slipping during play and keeps your cymbals where you want them.

£35.00  Euro | US Dollars

Hi-Hat stand


The improved footboard on this hi-hat stand gives an added degree of durability and precision to intricate hi-hat patterns.

A memory locked height position and C.S.S. clutch (which allows for further cymbal resonance through minimal contact)

£50.00  Euro | US Dollars


Cymbal boom stand


The telescoping action on this boom stand is complimented by the upgraded by the dual tilting mechanisms at the cymbal and boom point. Its weighted boom arm counter-acts both cymbal weight and force delivered by the player, making it perfect for larger crashes and rides.

£70.00  Euro | US Dollars

Snare Drum stand


An extra-heavy locking tilter helps place the basket of this snare stand to virtually any position. The memory lock on the beefed-up height adjustment prevents slippage and guarantees the same position every time it is set up.

£49.00  Euro | US Dollars

Straight Cymbal stand


The SCS7 series cymbal stands deliver the kind of performance every gigging drummer needs. A tri-tier riser mechanism provides stable cymbal support at any height, while protecting each arm from adjustment damage with nylon insulators.

£80.00  Euro | US Dollars

Hi-Hat Stand

A thicker height shaft is just one of the many improved features on this hi-hat stand.

£65.00  Euro | US Dollars


Dual Purpose Cymbal boom stand

New dual purpose cymbal boom/straight stand for offering more and better equipment options , we now offer the dual purpose cymbal boom/straight stand series . This new series could be a cymbal stand or boom stand , this series stand is double braced and manufactured to the highest and most innovative standard..

£80.00  Euro | US Dollars

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