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Beverley Stadium Pro

Beverley Stadium Pro

Time is the essence in the art of drumming, and in a relatively short amount of time, Beverley has tried to establish itself as the cornerstone of quality and value in the drum industry.
Our Stadium Pro was the key element in creating something truly unique to establish ourselves and with this in mind, our master technicians studied the classics of the past to create our own vision of the future.

  • The Beverley Stadium Pro is available in 4 great looking hand lacquered sunburst finishes.
    Acid Sunshine, Natural Amber, Tobacco Burst and Strawberry Fields.
  • The Beverley Stadium Pro comes in our custom sizes.
    (22”x18” Bass drum, 14”x12” Tom, 12”x9” Tom, 10”x8” Tom)
  • The Beverley Stadium Pro comes with a matching (6.5”x14”) Wooden Snare Drum 6.5”x14”.
  • The Beverley Stadium comes with Remo batter heads.
  • The Beverley Stadium comes with a stool, sticks & standard cymbal pack (if required)

“Our special ‘Bevtone’ tonal isolation separation system is employed as each ply is space-laminated, thus creating free vibration within the shell.
The result is non-restricted vibration in each drum in the set. The Tom Mounting System insures that each drum will sing with it's own individual voice”.

  • The Beverley Stadium Pro shells are made from 9 plys of Canadian Rock Maple.
    This provides that naturally warm tone that Professional drummers expect.
  • The Beverley Stadium Pro features our new L.I.F.T.S tom mounting system.
    Due to our newly designed low contact lug fastenings, we’ve decreased the metal contact with the shells creating even more tom resonance during playing.
  • The Beverley Stadium Pro introduces our new ARIAL locking system.
    Our new ARIAL locking system combined with the new EXPRESS clamp ensures that free-floating feel and optimum resonance.
  • The Beverley Stadium Pro has black rims and fittings.
  • The Beverley Stadium Pro kit comes with our new top of the range 8 series hardware.
    Our Series 8 hardware pack includes stands for Snare drum, Crash Cymbal, Ride Cymbal, Hi-hat and new Arial tom and floor tom mounts.

How often do you find the balance between style and substance?
The answer lies in the concept for Beverley’s Stadium Pro series kit combining the best elements to create perfection! The Stadium Pro series kit is a feast for the eyes as well as for the ears. Now complimenting the visual beauty of Maple wood grain are Beverley’s new sunburst finishes. These finishes are custom blended and applied to each shell by our workshop Lacquer Master; a finishing touch to the painstaking preparation for each drum that bears the Beverley Stadium Pro name.

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Stadium Stadium Pro

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