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Beverley Stadium

The Beverley Stadium Kit

In 2000 we introduced the original Stadium series kit, but who says you can't improve on perfection? The re-designed Stadium is now better than ever.
Sure, the Stadium's premium quality Maple / Mahogany / Maple shell is still prepared with painstaking detail and hand lacquered to high gloss. But the addition of our Suspension System gives the toms the freedom to resonate without obstruction from unnecessary hardware contact has been a sure winner with Pros and amateurs alike.
Our new “Bevtone” ply bonding process provides a more resonant shell that in turn creates a stunning musical response from each drum as it is played.

All Stadium Series bass drums are outfitted with our high impact spurs, giving slip-resistant performance and supreme durability. Custom features like these usually command a pretty hefty price tag, but the Stadium is still in a world of it's own a world where performance and price combine to make a brilliant instrument.

  • The Beverley Stadium is available in 5 great looking hand lacquered high gloss finishes.
    Natural, Green, Wine Red, Gold and Antique Tobacco.
  • The Beverley Stadium comes in two set up sizes. Rock and Fusion.
    Rock sets have a Bass Drum 22"x16", Floor Tom 16"x16", Tom 13"x11,
    Tom 12"x10", Snare Drum 14"x5.5".
    Fusion sets have a Bass Drum 20"x16". Floor Tom 14"x14". Tom 12"x10.
    Tom 10"x9". Snare Drum14"x5.5".
  • The Beverley Stadium comes with Remo batter heads.
  • The Beverley Stadium comes with a stool, sticks & standard cymbal pack (if required)

It's that feeling you get when you first sit down, put your foot on the bass drum pedal, and lay the beater right into the drum head. Instantly you know your drums are going to sound right.

  • The Beverley Stadium’ shells are a mixture of 9 ply Maple & Mahogany.
  • Beverley Stadium Kits feature the newly improved R.I.M.S system.
    Our technicians have designed and developed a free-floating tom system, the R.I.M.S non-contact suspension system.
    This revolutionary mounting concept only contacts the drum at the point of least reverberation, allowing the shell to vibrate freely and deliver the natural resonance and sound it was meant to.
  • Improved 7 series hardware as standard.
  • The flexibility of buying with or without cymbals.

Standard finishes.
RRP £899.00 with 3 piece Hand Hammered cymbal pack & stands (Hi-Hats, Crash & Ride).
RRP £849.00 with 2 piece Hand Hammered cymbal pack & stands (Hi-Hats, Crash).
RRP £799.00 with cymbal stands (Hi-Hats, Crash). No cymbals included.

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