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Snare Drums

Natural Snare

By experimenting with different crafting techniques, we have developed a unique process for cutting bearing edges and snare beds. These new properties combine to draw all of the finest sonic qualities from the Maple shell, and create unparalleled depth and sensitivity in snare tone. Every element from the snare strainers to the improved lug designs have been scrutinised and perfected to meet our high standards, all of which you will hear when you let this snare do the talking.

Size is 6.5 inches X 14 inches. 10 Lugs. 9 ply Maple Shell. Hoops are 2.3mm Thickness Steel.

£150.00    Euro | US Dollars

Copper Snare

The goal in making our new Hand Hammered copper Snare Drums was to employ a process that made each drum shell different from the next. Each individual drum in this series has a slightly different tonal characteristics because the hammering process produces grooves in different patterns. This process brings focus to the open tonality of the Copper shell, and delivers a sound as unique as the drummer that plays them.

Size is 5.5 inches X 14 inches. 10 Lugs. 1.2mm Thickness Copper shell. Hoops are 4.5mm Zinc Die Casting.

£300.00    Euro | US Dollars

Brass Snare

No other shell has a sound quite like Brass. It's immediate response is bright and explosive, yet it's overtone is warm and full. The shell is lathed to a 1.2mm thickness. This thinner shell breathes with the vibration of the drum as it is played, producing a sound that is lively, yet focused. All drummers should have one of these in their collection for complete snare drum gratification!

Size is 5.5 inches X 14 inches. 10 Lugs. 1.2mm Thickness Brass shell. Hoops are 2.3mm Thickness Steel.

£275.00    Euro | US Dollars

Stainless Steel Snare

Our snare line originally began with our Stainless Steel shell snare drum, and what a beautiful place to start! Each snare meets our exacting standards for glitch-proof performance. The high-end crack of the steel shell is still a favourite for players of all experience levels.

Size is 6.5 inches X 14 inches. 10 Lugs. 1.0mm Thickness Steel shell. Hoops are 1.6mm Thickness Steel.

£95.00    Euro | US Dollars

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