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Beverley Rehearsal

You know the score! You want to play your drums, but everyone is complaining
about the noise?
Can you help it that yours is the loudest instrument without a VOLUME knob ?
Well, now any drummer can keep the neighbours at bay with a new Beverley
Rehearsal Kit.

This compact set-up comes with a set of specially designed fabric mesh
drumheads that delivers the same feel as a regular kit, but without the
sound. When it's time to play that gig and space it scarce, the Rehearsal
changes into a tight acoustic kit simply by switching to Remo drumheads
(which also comes with the kit).
It's simple : when you want the drums to talk, they will ; when you don't,
they won't!
So buy a Rehaarsal kit for yourself and let the neighbours eat their words
when you're famous!

Wrapped in black, Sizes are BD22"x8". TT14"x6". TT12"x5". TT10"x4".

Just £499.00    Convert to Euro | Convert to US Dollars
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