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You know the score! You want to play your drums, but everyone is complaining
about the noise?
Can you help it that yours is the loudest instrument without a VOLUME knob ?
Well, now any drummer can keep the neighbours at bay with a new Beverley
Rehearsal Kit....
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Success as a drummer is a journey presenting many choices to the player.
Considering the construction of a new series of drum kits for the entry
level player, our technicians at Beverley studied the components of many costly kits....
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Every progressing drummer needs a kit that will be a solid foundation for
playing. Beverleys Venue Series 5 piece kit was created with this in mind.
Every element that the professionals demand is here, but without the big
price tag....
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Venue Custom
The venue series delivers uncompromising dependability and
outstanding value.
In order to draw a more natural tone from the Venues Mahogany/Perupok
shells, Beverley technicians have developed the new Contact Suspension
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In 2000 we introduced the Stadium series kit...but who says you can't improve on perfection? The re-designed Stadium is now better than ever.
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Stadium Pro
How often do you find the balance between style and substance? The answer lies in the concept for Beverleys new Stadium pro Series Drums

Combine the best elements to create perfection!
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