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Beverley Club

Do you want to start playing drums on the best value for money student kit on the market?
If you do, our New Beverley Club is the kit for you!

Success as a drummer is a journey presenting many choices.
Considering the construction of a new series of drum kits for students, our technicians studied the components of many costly kits.
After serious consideration we decided to implement those same components in our Club kits.
As with all Beverley kits, the club series is manufactured in accordance with our high standards.
The high performance, low cost Club kit has it all.
The Club kit gives the best possible start to all drummers, at a remarkably affordable price.

  • The Beverley Club is available in 8 great looking finishes.
    (Black, Wine Red, Cardinal Bright Red, Snow White, Silver, Purple, Dark Green and Navy Blue.)
  • The Beverley Club comes in two set up sizes. Rock and Fusion.
    Rock sets have a Bass Drum 22"x16", Floor Tom 16"x16", Tom 13"x11, Tom 12"x10", Snare Drum 14"x5.5".
    Fusion sets have a Bass Drum 20"x16". Floor Tom 14"x14". Tom 12"x10. Tom 10"x9". SD14"x5.5".
  • The Beverley Club comes with Remo batter heads.
  • The Beverley Club comes with a stool, student cymbals and sticks.

"The Beverley Club has everything you need to get you started".

  • The Beverley Club shells are 9 ply Mahogany hardwood.
    9 individual pieces of mahogany are bonded together to form one piece of wood.
  • The Beverley Club comes with a 14” chrome snare.
  • The Beverley has a double braced hardware package inc. snare, hi-hat and cymbal stand.
    The quality of these stands has kept the Beverley Club at the forefront of the student drum kit market.
  • The Beverley Club drums feature either six or eight lugs
    (rather than the four or five lugs that are often fitted on student kits).
    This dramatically improves the tuning capabilities.
  • The Beverley Club shells feature separate individual tension casings
    There is less metal contact with the shell. The result is better shell resonance.
  • Beverley Club kits feature a uni-locking tom system.
    This gives you many possibilities for the positioning of your toms.

There’s now no point wasting your time looking for a cheaply made kit!
It'll probably put you off drumming for life and fall apart.
Then you’ll have wasted your money too!

Just £419.00    Convert to Euro | Convert to US Dollars

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