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Bass Drum pedal

The BDP5 bass drum pedal features a single-chain drive cam, which transfers the power from your foot to the kick head with a smooth, clean action. No matter what style you¡¦re playing, the BDP5 will deliver the goods without missing a beat.

£39.00    Euro | US Dollars


Bass Drum pedal

The Solid Support Platform is the backbone of the entire BDP7 bass drum pedal. Its durable high-tension design assures precision play while removing unnecessary pressure from the pedal frame.

The side tension mechanism assures that the pedal will attach to the bass drum hoop with no-slip accuracy and without obstruction from the footboard.

£69.00    Euro | US Dollars

Double Bass Drum pedal (DBDP7)

The newest addition to the Beverley bass drum pedal line, the DBDP7 is built for speed. Its newly improved dual-chain and cam system bring a new stability and accuracy to double bass drumming on a single kick. The upgraded Solid Support Platform on the auxiliary pedal assures a no-slip stroke that will be just as precise as the one coming from the main footboard. Both pedals feature a new, heavier footboard for solid attack with less fatigue to the player.

£160.00    Euro | US Dollars
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